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The Boerboel


The Boerboel is a large and strong Mastiff breed that will guard and protect without being aggressive.  They are loving, calm, obedient and intelligent and require a very consistent and dominant owner.  The Boerboel is self-confident and fearless. 


The Boerboel will see themselves as part of the family and a protector. They will look to you for approval or disapproval of visitors.  If you feel threatened, your Boerboel will pick up on this.  Boerboels are protectors and will guard their family and property with their lives. 


A Boerboel should be great with children of all ages.  The dog should be your child's best friend and playmate.  As your Boerboel puppy bonds with you/your family, he will want to please and protect you.  The Boerboel wants to guard "his" family. 


The ideal male height is 26 inches tall

The ideal female height is 24 inches tall


Males will be distinctly masculine, whilst females being clearly feminine. Dogs are to be balanced and proportioned.

Why do I want a Boerboel........


Let’s Talk Temperament

Every day I receive new puppy applications. The Boerboel is growing in popularity amongst many groups. Show, working titles, farmers, families……With more Boerboels becoming visible and excelling in different venues, it’s easy to be drawn to them. After all, they are gorgeous to look at and can be the picture of a ‘perfect guardian breed’

We should not forget WHAT the Boerboel is, what the breed was intended for and what is to be expected from that. The Boerboel is a dominant, protective breed that is expected to be protective of it’s ‘pack’, which includes human and animal members.

From the ABC/AKC breed standard:
“Temperament: The Boerboel is a dominant and intelligent dog with strong protective instincts and a willingness to please. When approached is calm, stable and confident, at times displaying a self-assured aloofness. He should recognize a threat or lack thereof. He is loving with children and family. An aggressive or belligerent attitude towards other dogs should not be faulted. Boerboels that are shown in competition should be trained to allow examination.”

The level of dominance and protectiveness varies within the breed, the gender, the environment in which it is raised, the level of socialization at an early age and many more factors. However, none of these should take away from the original purpose of the breed.

It’s easy to look at the BB’s on social media that are excelling in different venues and say ‘I want a BB just like that’. What you don’t see is the behind the scenes of what goes into making that Boerboel what it is. For instance, a Boerboel that is expected to do well at a show venue, must be exposed to that environment consistently (and early) to desensitize it to what goes on. Even then, as the BB becomes fully mature and their protective instincts become stronger, they may have a more difficult time in that venue.

I want to encourage those who are interested in the breed to ask yourself a few questions and be honest with your answers – this an 8-12 year commitment of time/effort/love.
• Why do I want a dominant, protective dog? 
• Do I have the desire and time to invest in training and socialization for the life of the BB?
• What is it that I expect from my Boerboel?

There are plenty more questions to ask yourself, but I feel this a good place to start.


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