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Gallant Pups in their new homes........

A Gallant Nafari

Houston, Texas

By far, Nafari has been the easiest dog I have ever trained. He learns quickly and will not forget. Walks in the park are not so productive as people are constantly stopping us and asking to pet him or ask questions about his breed. I could not have chosen a better breed. Even greater than that, a breeder. Thank you so much for your making us feel like a part of your family. Your love for the South African Boerboel is evident.       Himeda

A Gallant Drogo

Broad Run, Virginia

Drogo has been the perfect match for our family. I have to say he is absolutely amazing with our two kids. He is always eager to please, we are grateful to have him.  Betsy L.

A Gallant Bella

Santa Barbara, CA

"Bella is strong, intelligent, and loving. She is happiest on a trail in the mountains or playing at the beach. She loves everyone, especially children and other dogs. She is the most social, relaxed, and well behaved pup that you will meet. Bella is truly a family member rather than a pet, and we couldn't love her more."  Jordan and Shannon

Gallant Blue

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Gallant Rhino

Citrus Heights, California

He's a great family dog, my girls love him. He also loves his big turtle.  

Darell, Citrus Heights, Ca 

Gallant Ginger

Austin, Texas

Gallant Triton

Novasota, Texas

A Gallant Triton doing very well in his first show....... Congrats. 


Morgan J

A Gallant Otis

Ogden, Utah


Gallant Mya

Attica, Indiana

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