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Buckeye Gallant Sage  DOB  5-7-12



Top scoring female of the day


28"  135 lbs

Elbows Clear

PennHip .43/.44  No DJD

Cardiac Echo Clear

Entropion/Ectropion Clear

VP Clear

DNA Profile


Sage is the "typical old school Boerboel" as she is very protective of her property and family.  Sage is fine if we take her out to social gatherings such as parades, farmer's market or to a ball game.  She assumes a different attitude at home.  Sage does NOT like strangers, EXCEPT KIDS!!!  She loves kids of all ages.  She loves to play and be with children of all sizes, strangers or not.  Sage is an AWESOME mom, she is strict and very stern with the pups.  She is definitely the alpha of our pack. Sage has produced gorgeous Boerboel puppies and continues to amaze us with her intelligence and instinct. Sage is now retired from our breeding program and still continues to assist in raising pups. 

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